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Just Waiting

Just Waiting A family was fishing at the pier. Dad was watching bobbers while his two sons, ages twelve and three, were down playing along the dock. The older boy was watching his brother, but he got distracted. Three-year-old Billy thought that would be a good time to see if he could reach the…

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Why Do You Talk So Much About Jesus?

Why Do You Talk So Much About Jesus? An old Indian chief constantly spoke of the Lord Jesus and what He meant to him. “Why do you talk so much about Jesus?” asked a friend. The old chief did not reply, but slowly, deliberately gat­hered some sticks and bits of grass. He made a…

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On Hidden Treasure and Found Pearls

On Hidden Treasure and Found Pearls Jesus gave twin parables to teach the same lesson: salvation is worth giving up everything to possess. The first is of a man who stumbles upon hidden treasure in a field. He gladly and quickly sells his property to purchase that field (Matthew 13:44). The second is of…

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